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UP Lekhpal Syllabus and Exam Pattern - 2021 Updated New Syllabus with Exam Pattern

UP Lekhpal Syllabus and Exam Pattern - Updated New Syllabus with Exam Pattern. 

Hello students today we will discuss about UP Lekhpal syllabus and Exam Pattern which is conducted by UPSSSC.

UPSSSC has introduced syllabus with sub topics according to subject wise. There will only single written exam process in UP Lekhpal selection. 

We will share syllabus details to solve your confusion regarding subjects. 

UP Lekhpal Syllabus

As we have already discussed with you there is only a single process which is written exam. You have to collect qualify marks to get success in UP Lekhpal Exam. Dear all students you have to make a streatgy according to UPSSSC Lekhpal exam syllabus. That's only single reason to share with you all details regarding UP Lekhapal Exam Syllabus 2021.

UP Lekhpal 2021 Written exam Syllabus

There are the all subjects which is prepared by you to got success in UPSSSC Lekhpal Exam 2021

  • Maths
  • Samanya Hindi
  • General Knowledge
  • Rural Development and Rural Society


Subject Name
Total Questions
Total Numbers
25 25
Samanya Hindi
25 25
General Knowledge
25 25
Rural Development and Rural Society
25 25


We will share all the details according to subject wise. There are the details for every subject index which help your Best Prepration.




UPSSSC Subject wise Index we are sharing with you. As you can check we have already shared notification image but we are also sharing written details for you.

Hindi Syllabus UPSSSC Lekhpal Exam 2021

  • व्याकरण 
  • शब्दावली 
  • शब्दों का उपयोग 
  • रस
  • अलंकार
  • समास
  • सन्धि
  • पर्यायवाची शब्द /समानार्थी शब्द
  • विलोम 
  • तत्सम एवं तदभव
  • वाक्यांशों के लिए शब्द निर्माण
  • लोकोक्तियाँ एवं मुहावरे 
  • त्रुटि से सम्बंधित अनेकार्थी शब्द
  • वर्तनी
  • वाक्य संशोधन
  • कारक
  • लिंग
  • वचन 

Math Syllabus UPSSSC Lekhpal Exam 2021

  • Number System
  • Percentage
  • Profit Loss
  • Statistics
  • Classification of Facts
  • Frequency
  • Frequency Distribution
  • tabulation
  • Cumulative Frequency
  • Formulation of Facts
  • Bar Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Histogram
  • Frequency Polygon
  • Central measurement: Parallel Mean, Median & Mode
  • LCM & HCF
  • The relation between LCM & HCF
  • Simultaneous equations
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Factors
  • Area theorem
  • Triangle & Pythagoras Theorem
  • Rectangle and Square
  • Trapezium
  • The perimeter & Area of the parallelogram
  • The perimeter & Area of Circle

General Knowledge Syllabus UPSSSC Lekhpal Exam 2021

  • General Science
  • Current Affairs of National & International Importance
  • Indian History
  • Freedom Movement
  • Indian Politics & Economics
  • World Geography & Population
  • Various topics from India’s financial, social, political and religious institutions
  • Physical/ Ecology of India
  • Economical, Social and Demographic Issues

Rural Development and Rural Society Syllabus UPSSSC Lekhpal Exam 2021

    • Rural Administration- Components & Function of Revenue
    • Revenue Administration – Components & Function
    • Planning for Rural Development – District Planning Machinery
    • Post-1992 Reforms in District Planning Machinery
    • People’s Participation and the role of NGO’s
    • Indian Rural Society- Nature and Characteristics
    • Factors of Indian Society
    • Problems of Weaker Sections ‐ Schedule Casts, Schedule Tribe
    • Rural Institutional Systems- Religious & Cooperation
    • Rural Social Change - Sanskritization 
    • Rural Social Change - Westernization 
    • Rural Social Change - Modernization
    • Sources of Rural Employment 

    Central Government Schemes for Village Development:

    • Adarsh Gram Yojna
    • Cooperative Development Scheme
    • Drought Development Programme
    • Jawahar Gram Samraddhi Yojna
    • Annapoorna Yojna
    • Antyodaya Anna Yojna
    • Swajal Dhaara Yojna
    • Rajiv Gandhi Village Electrification Scheme
    • Kasturba Gandhi Shiksha Yojna
    • Mid Day Meal Programme
    • NRLM
    • Indira Awas Yojna
    • Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna
    • Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna
    • IWMP

    State Government Schemes for Village Development:

    • Kisaan Pension Yojna
    • Kisaan Rath Yojna
    • Ambedkar Urja Kirshi Sudhar Yojna
    • Aam Aadmi Bima Yojna
    • Sanjeevani Parivahan Yojna
    • Adarsh Nagar Yojna
    • Vande Mataram Yojna
    • Priyadarshini Yojna
    • Shudha Payjal Yojna.
    • Pension Yojna.
    • Pradhanmantri Awas Yojna.
    • Kanya Vidya Dhan Yojna.

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