Order Kaise Karen

Order Kaise Karen or How to complete an order?

Yukti Publication always thinks, our students are the future of India. So Yukti publication always tries to make simple everything. If talk about the book or if we talk about the process.

Step 1.

सबसे से पहले Google par type Karen 


Yukti Publication

Click on only this type full URL 


Yukti Publication website

When you click enter then you will find out this type of store look.

Yukti Publication store

There are so many collections like

  1. Yukti Publication New books

        There will all new books which are published by yukti publication recently. This collection will help you to find out easily all yukti publication new books. These new books are available in both format yukti publication pdf books and yukti publication books. As per your choice you can purchase books.
  2. Yukti Publication PDF book store

      In this collection you will find out every books pdf.
  3.  General Studies Books

       This collection has all General studies books which help you to crack all competitive exams.
  4. Extra Discount GS Books

      This collection help you to find out a bunch of GS books at a low price.
  5. State Exam

      This collection has all state exam books which help to find out easily every state exam books.
  6. Railways

    This collection helps you to buy railways books
  7. SSC

    This collection has all SSC exam books which help to find out the best book for you.
  8. Teacher Exam

       This collection has different teachers exam books or All TET exam books. 
  9. All-State Police

      In this collection you will find out all state police exam books which help you crack all police exam books.
  10. All Product

      There is all product collection where you can find all product list.

Step 2.

After selecting your product you will find out this type of store view.

All Product store

Select your product then you will find out this type of product view.

Yukti Publication Buying option

Add to cart

-  Click adds to cart to buy online more than one product. You can add to cart many products.

Buy Now- 

To Buy now means buy only one book.

Step 3.

After clicking on add to cart or buy now you will find out that store view.

Checkout page

Step 4.

After filling all address you will get a payment option.

Payment Option page

Step 5.

Select Online Payment

then you will get this view of Yukti publication books store.

Online payment process


After that click on complete order. Then you will find out below yukti publication store view.

Online payment option

You can select any payment gateway option to complete order. 

Step 6.

Select COD Option

Then you will get below yukti publication books store view.

COD Order process

Click on COD option and click on complete order.


This is the whole process to buy order if you have any other query then you reach us by WhatsApp which is available on the website or contact us.